Thursday, 13 November 2014

The Best Fake Tan You Will Ever Try?

For All My Eternity is a brand I hadn't heard of until they approached me and kindly offered to send me one of their bottles of fake tan. I chose the darker shade which is 'Medium to Dark' because I find when I tan, I want to actually look tanned and darker shades are usually more effective and quicker to gain good colour. After one or two applications, this gave me a natural looking tan that is totally streak free which is amazing considering I didn't even exfoliate or moisturise. It looks like such a real tan and blends into the areas where I haven't tanned. 

For all my eternity describe this spray as a 'Medium to Dark Tanning Spray for the perfect sun-kissed glow in the comfort of your own home. Developed using certified organic DHA and a blend of natural ingredients including moisturisers, tan enhancers and skin smoothers.' It is a luxury tan at the price of £24.99 but I definitely think it's worth it considering most luxury tans cost this or even more. If you look at the website you will see all the amazing properties of this tan: it is Paraben free, not tested on animals and complements your existing tan by depending and evening out your skin tone. 

Another great thing about this fake tan is that it doesn't have that horrible fake tan smell. I think it almost smells of Amaretto - not the classic biscuit smell most tans emit. 

Let me know if you have tried this or want to. I honestly recommend it so much - I'm not usually into fake tan but this has seriously changed my mind. I will probably be repurchasing it once I've finished the bottle, if that ever happens, as you only need the tiniest spray to do your whole arm. If you'd like to buy it, here is the link

Lots Of Love,


Saturday, 8 November 2014

Birthday Haul ♥

So this year on the 1st November I turned 20 years old hence I am no longer a teenager! This frightens me and I feel about 16 years old at heart. I got some amazing presents and my boyfriend spoilt me so I thought I'd share my presents with you all as I especially love reading birthday haul posts. As in most birthday hauls and make-up collection videos yadda yadda yaa, a disclaimer is probably needed so Disclaimer: I'm not showing off, this may be a lot to you or it may not be anything but I just thought it'd be a good blog post some of you may enjoy reading.

Timberland Boots - I forgot to include these in the collaborative picture but here they are in all their glory. My parents bought me these as I really wanted them and they are unbelievably comfy. The junior boots are £90 as opposed to £160 and they are the exact same style and go up to a size 6, so if you are a size 6 or less I suggest you just opt for these! They are amazing quality and so wearable. I love wearing them with black skinny jeans for a casual look. I love how they're waterproof - they're definitely going to be worn a lot this winter! My mum also bought me a cake which is so nice - birthday cake is my favourite!

My boyfriend spoilt me with a purse from Kate Spade. It's an american designer I believe and I absolutely love her classic designs. There's an outlet store in Bicester Village near Oxford where this is from if you're interested. They're not cheap even at the outlet store so I'd get saving the pennies if you want it but I think it's worth every penny and it's stunning! He also wrapped up a box which was filled with Reese's peanut butter cups which are my absolute favourite. In the middle of the peanut butter cups was a TIFFANY BOX. I was shocked and inside were some beautiful Tiffany earrings...

Sorry the picture isn't great - was having serious issues with the lighting

I'm sorry the picture isn't great - I had struggles taking the pictures as it was dark and the only time I could take them! I got a few bits of clothes including the Topshop Black Leigh Jeans from my sister. My friend Becky bought me a Boohoo purple high neck crop top which I think will look nice paired with some high waisted trousers. She also got me this orange Playsuit and a racy pyjama top/nighty haha! This was kind of a personal joke as I love wearing granny nightys!

I was very lucky to get some presents from my boyfriends parents as well as some family friends and my friends at uni. I absolutely love the Pomegranate & Raspberry body shop candle and their body butter is incredible and the only one I will use. My friend Amber got me some LUSH bath bombs which I am so excited to use! 2 of my housemates got me the Spending Spree Jar which looks so lovely on my windowsill but I'm not sure how easy it will be to save money in there hehe. They bought me a cake and Happy Birthday balloons and banners which was a lovely surprise and made my birthday that extra bit special! I got a gift card from my Aunty and Uncle and I can spend it pretty much anywhere - Topshop, Debenhams, Boots etc - so the real decision is do I spend it make-up, beauty products or clothes?! I also got some more earrings from my friend who gave me the clothes and my boyfriends mum so I definitely don't need to buy any more studs for a while!

I am so grateful for all the lovely gifts I got for my 20th birthday and I hope you enjoyed my post!


Tuesday, 4 November 2014

What I wore for Halloween

So, this year for Halloween I decided to not take myself too seriously and dress up as a big fat pumpkin. I know it's not scary but I just thought it was funny as I was actually going to a club like this! I know a lot of people who like to add a bit of sexy to their outfit but I just thought this would be hilarious. I actually made an effort with my make-up and played on the orange pumpkin theme. It's not so easy to see in the photos but in real life it looked better, trust me. 

I used the Sunset iDivine eyeshadow palette by Sleek to create an orange smokey eye by applying the area shade all over my lid and blend out with black in the outer corners. I used the Topshop lipstick in 'Infrared' on my lips which is an orange toned colour so perfect for summer, but even more perfect for a pumpkin look ha-haaa. I went for my usual base which consists of the L'Oreal True Match Foundation followed by the NARS Laguna Bronzer and the Bourjois chocolate bronzing powder. I also contoured with MAC's Harmony Blush and dabbed the tiniest amount of the NARS blush in 'Deep Throat'.

As you can probably see by the Happy Birthday banner, it was my birthday on the 1st of November - the day after halloween - so this pre-going-out house party was for both that and Halloween. It was my birthday at 12pm that night whilst out in the club and I turned 20 which is scary! I will be posting a 'Birthday Haul' soon as I absolutely love reading those kind of blog posts and I got some amazing things. 

What did you dress up as for Halloween? 
Comment below with a link if you did a post about Halloween!


Tuesday, 28 October 2014

5 things I've learnt about blogging

Not everyone will get it - Blogging is something that bloggers love and non-bloggers just don't understand. I know the odd person who reads them and doesn't have their own, but on the most part people just don't understand why writing about products is a thing and think it's just superficial BS. I remember when some of my school friends found out about my blog and thought it was kind of weird. I didn't really care as I know that within the blogging community it's a very positive thing to do and I enjoy it so who really cares what people think? After realising I couldn't give a two hoots about peoples opinions, I decided to put it on my twitter bio. I suggest to all you bloggers who keep it from your school friends or whatever, don't. Let people know about your blog, it's nothing to be ashamed of! Put your link on your social media accounts as it gets you more followers and will make you it enjoy it even more, which brings me on to my next point....

Social media is the best way to network and chat to other bloggers - Getting involved in the #bbloggers , #fbloggers and #lbloggers twitter chats really help you meet new bloggers and raises awareness of your own. You never know, you might make new friends which you could attend blogging events with! Being on sites like Instagram & Pinterest are also a really good idea!

It's okay to take a break - This is very personal towards me at the moment as I haven't written a post for over 2 weeks. I kind of lost my blogging mojo and to be honest, just didn't have time! I've been back at uni for 5 weeks now but with freshers, starting all my modules, joining the gym and joining new societies and sports; I just haven't had time for it. I also felt like if I didn't have anything to blog about, then what's the point? Again, bringing me on to my next point...

Blog what you're passionate about - It's obvious when someone does a review for the sake of it. If you're only blogging about a product you've been sent because you feel like you have to, then I think it really shows. I'm not saying don't blog about products you get sent because if you get sent something and you absolutely love it, then that's brilliant - go tell the world! If you don't have any products you want to review and don't really know what to blog about, then don't. Posts may appear un-exciting and boring and you don't want them to take away the reputation of your blog being exciting when you've worked so hard on your other posts. If you only have one post in mind for the next week, just focus on that one post! I tried to blog every other day during the summer and it became very fun but after a month or so, I just couldn't keep thinking of ideas and didn't want to carry on with it! And I say, that's fine.

It's okay for your blog to be small - My blog isn't the biggest blog and as much as I am an ambitious individual, I'm aware I'm never going to be the next Zoella or Vivianna Does Makeup. I'm not saying don't aim high, but if your blog isn't really growing very fast and you're putting all your effort into it, that's okay! If you started your blog as a hobby, then it shouldn't be a problem if you're not getting thousands of pounds through ads.

They are the main 5 things I've learnt since I've started blogging - I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know if you agree what you've learnt through blogging, I'd love to know!


Saturday, 11 October 2014


Hey, hope you're all having a great weekend - I'm so glad the weekend is here as uni as started and the week of lectures etc is rather stressful. I don't seem to have got my blogging mojo back yet as I'm still settling in but I have, of course, being using lots of products that I want to share in a favourites most. It's a bit late for September favourites so these are just what I've being loving recently...

Clarins Liquid Bronze Self Tanning
This is a product many bloggers love as it's a natural looking facial tanner for all skin types and doesn't irritate skin whatsoever. I am having serious summer blues and wish I was back on holiday with my tan, but unfortunately the tan is fading fast. This gives a nice colour to my face and with it's milky texture applied to a cotton pad, is super easy to use!

Mitchum Powder Fresh Anti Perspirant & Deodrant
I have always stuck to the traditional spray deodorants but they never seem to be effective. Yes I'm 19 and am still in the hormonal stage where I probably sweat more than the average Joe. I go to the gym now too so this is brilliant for putting on afterwards. It's a kind of powder in a stick - very different to a roll on deodorant. It keeps your pits nice and dry and keeps it's smell which is quite strong but I like it. It uses oxygen odor control technology so it really does work and is so effective. I know it's a bit random to feature this in a beauty favourites but it's the best one I've ever tried and I highly recommend it to you all!

Kiko Nail Polish Remover
After stumbling across the new Kiko store in Leeds, I saw this dupe for the famous Bourjois magic nail polish remover. I found this was very wet and sometimes spilt out and made my hands very dry. This one isn't as strong I find yet does the job just as well. 

Fearne Cotton Lipgloss

I don't really know what the shade is or anything as I got it in a Fearne Lipgloss set for christmas last year but it is honestly the best lipgloss I have ever tried. I have used it the most out of anything as it's a perfect colour to wear with any eye look. It's not sticky at all and has the perfect amount of shimmer. I love wear this with a smokey eye on a night out as well as just something on my lips for a natural look in the daytime.

Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer
This is perfect for under the eyes as it's glowy and not too thick. I haven't tried to use it on spots as I don't really want to 'wake up' my spots but it makes you look so much more awake. It has an anti-fatigue effect and a radiant glow so is spot on for those days after a sleepless night or when you're hungover. I've definitely needed it a lot recently.

Smashbox Lip Stain & Colour Seal Balm in 'Guava'
This is my go-to product when I want to sport a red lip. It's not too 'in your face' and is a nice young looking kind of red with a bit of a coral tone to it too. It lasts for ages but I do after reapply after eating and drinking. The colour seal balm is useful and gives you a bit of a gloss but my balm has snapped off a bit which is upsetting to say it's a pretty pricey product. Despite this, it's still a favourite as it's so wearable and I wear it over all my other red shades.

Rimmel Volume Flash X10 Black Extreme Mascara
I've not really heard this mascara hyped in the blogging community so I was hesistant to get it but after recommendation from a friend, I decided to buy it anyway. I'm glad I did as it gives such voluminous lashes and makes them look longer too. I used to wear false lashes when going clubbing but I feel like 2 layers of this stuff gives the same effect. 

So there are my current favourites, I hope you liked it and try out some of these for yourself. 

What are your favourites?

Lot's Of Love,


Sunday, 5 October 2014

EcoTools Eye Enhancing Duo Set

Hiya everyone, hope you're all well! I haven't being able to blog as much as I'd like to as I've being so busy with moving into my new house, freshers week and starting my course. I have finally settled down a bit now and decided I needed some eye brushes. I didn't realise they were double ended but for £7.99 and technically 4 amazing brushes, you can't go wrong!

The define brush is a really nice angled brush which I like to use with eye shadow for my brows. My old one was very overused so I needed a new one. This is a much better one and is very sharp and great for defining the brows. You could also use it under the eyes to apply eye shadow for a nice smokey eye. 

The blend brush is a great blending brush which is great for putting contour in the crease of the eyelid.

The smudge brush - I tried to use that to put eye shadow on my lid but it's a bit short for that and picks up too much shadow. As it suggests, it's better for smudging eye shadow under the eye and it really does a nice job of it.

The shade brush is good for blending everything on the lid once everything is applied. 

All the brushes are really nice and soft and are such good value for money. I recommend everyone trying them out!! 

Have you ever tried any Eco Tools brushes?


Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Jemma Kidd back for £3?!

Hiya everyone, hope you're all well! I've being very busy this week moving into my new university house so haven't being able to focus on blogging for a few days. However, back at home I stumbled amongst the make-up section in The Factory Shop (naturally, of course) and found new stock that was from the brand Jemma Kidd. I know she ended her make-up lines a couple of years ago now much to the dismay of many 'Light as air foundation' fans. This foundation was widely praised in the blogging community so I was intrigued to try some of her other products and who could say no when they're all £3?

Mineral Skin Nourishing Tint SPF 20: This is a tinted moisturiser with a lovely light/medium coverage. It's coverage isn't too light which I like but not too heavy either. It's a lovely texture and makes my skin look lovely and glowy! It's definitely on the glowy side and not matte at all. I like to add abit of my Rimmel Stay Matte powder in the places that I don't want to be super glowy.

Hi-Shine Hydrating Gloss stick SPF 15: The packaging of this lipstick is so unique. You press it down and it pops up which was sadly the main selling point for me. The colour is quite a nice pink shade but there was a few shades to choose from.

I doubt I'll be seeing the light as air foundation any time soon but thought I'd give all you make-up addicts a heads up if you wanna pick up some cheap Jemma Kidd make-up! Have you tried any of these products before?